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About Amp’D Autosport

Established in 2009, AMP’D AUTOSPORT is the brainchild of its founder, Adam Adelstein. After growing up with a sales background, Adam sought to create a business that dovetailed naturally with his love of motorsports and high-performance vehicles. A dedicated Chevrolet Corvette owner and active member of the community, Adam saw an opportunity to deliver valuable retail services to driving enthusiasts and racers. As a performance-car owner, he understood the unique benefits that premium accessories added to the vehicles, particularly around braking. He became an authorized Carbotech Performance Brakes™ distributor and, over the last decade, has grown AMP’D AUTOSPORT into the largest online retailer of Carbotech brake pads. In 2018, Adam’s brother Chad joined the AMP’D executive team to help guide its next decade of growth and expansion. In addition to the full line of Carbotech street, autocross, and road-racing brake pads for a broad range of OE and aftermarket brake systems, AMP’D AUTOSPORT offers a curated selection of high-performance brake fluids and other related accessories.

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